Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tags and words collide

Oh no! I’ve been tagged by Waseem and have to post 8 things about myself.. the pressure!!
I will participate but I can’t promise to tag more people. It might take too much work to find bloggers(victims) who wouldn’t be annoyed with me. Maybe I’ll just tag Hamza since he’s already been tagged, and Yuraaz to create a blog and write those 8 things.
And so begins the 8 :

1. I’ve sat through a few Maths lectures at “the artist formerly know as UND”, during this time I was studying at Natal Tech (DIT, DUT, I have no idea what they felt like calling it today). The lecturer up there refused to use X’s and Y’s for some arb reason and proceeded to teach differentiation and vectors using funny squiggly lines he called squiggles and thingamabobs. I was confused.

2. A much younger slimmer trimmer me, once (Matric) took part in the Mr Kharwastan competition in our cultural day event, after much coaxing (the reasons behind this will remain a mystery) – I was beaten by the new Std 6 dwarf boy – Lesson learnt: “No matter how suave and debonair you appear the cuteness factor always wins”

3. My gaming addiction began the day my dad brought home the 8bit Exellence, and all my uncles and aunts were of the opinion that this black box would damage our TV. Well after collecting many mushrooms and saving Princess Toadstool from Koopa many times, the TV was still in great condition, so there goes that myth. And now everyone owns some kind of console.

4. I drove for 1,5years with no licence and was only stopped once (which I’ve got away with no bribe or fine) and a few speeding fines. If you’re the cop that let me go on my way that day in November, outside Orient School, thank you.

5. I watched Thundercats avidly when I was younger. I downloaded a few episodes recently – I have no idea why I ever watched that show. Couldn’t they come up with better names than Liono, Tigero and Panthero, something like Stringfella Hawk or Face maybe. “Thundercats Ho!!” I also enjoyed Gummi Bears – I have nothing bad to say about that.

6. I’ve learnt firsthand that dogs really are natural enemies to the mailman and paperboy. Waseem’s mentioned in his blog of our escapades as paperboys – well delivering the Sunday Tribune is no happy task, and it was on one of these fateful Sundays that I was bitten by a dog. The dog was 6 feet tall, had massive teeth and was as fast as lightning – oh well it wasn’t that big but it was a pretty nasty piece of work, the owners were very apologetic though.

7. I love fast cars and am slowly working my way up to the fancy sports car I can only drive on weekends. Till then I’ll stick to the 220km/h speed limit, and slow down at the speed traps.

8. My current movie watching record stands at watching Aladdin, 7 times in 2 days, for which I was joined by Waseem (bro) and Shaista(sis). We have no idea why we did that, but the movie had to be returned to the video hire place the next day, well it was a pretty good movie anyway. I do however think that this is no match for the movie watching powers of my cousin Yuraaz (n1temare), who knows every line from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the Ivan Ooze one).

My 8 things are all random things that happened to pop into my head after I typed in the number, there is no hidden link through each one, so please stop looking for it.
And thank you for reading 8 things about me, hopefully you’ve at least smiled while reminiscing the episodes of Thundercats you’ve watched, while singing the Gummi Bears song, or for the younger guys looked up Thundercats on Wikipedia.

“Dashing and Daring, Courageous and caring, ” – c’mon you know you want to….