Saturday, September 15, 2007

Roald Dahl Day

The anniversary of Roald Dahl's birthday was on 13 September, now known as Roald Dahl Day. even Google honored him by a reworking of its logo, adding in the golden ticketed Wonka Bar, the Giant Peach and Matilda.

Through my childhood years Roald Dahl has been one of my favorite authors and I hope many children for years to come get to experience his excellent works.
I personally can never quite decide on my favorite Dahl book, it difficult to choose between Charlie Bucket, Matilda, James Trotter or the BFG. Somehow though when I think Dahl I think Willy Wonka, so I guess Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite.

There are also a few good adult books like Henry Sugar, Boy and Going Solo. but he is best known for the way he captures the imagination of children.

It's sad that so few people read books these days, unless they're following the masses and buying the latest Harry Potter to use as a paper weight.

I sincerely hope more people return to reading the stories and novels put out there, the Chocolate Factory awaits.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Becoming an Idol

And so as it was pre-ordained I return to the blog. Ok so it wasn't pre-ordained but it is kind of a return. I've been seriously neglecting the blog so in the up and coming weeks, you occasional people who come to see if theres anything new, will be dazzled by new posts and a change to the look of the blog.

In my absence there have been many movies watched, the start of the premier league (woohoo!!) and a few other eventful events - most of which I don't remember well enough to blog about.

Though I have been slightly addicted to Idols over the past couple of weeks, which is so strange, because I hardly ever watch television, but there’s something about Idols which just keeps me going back. C'mon you know you watch it too. There have been some great auditions, and then there have been some by Cliff Jennings. I saw his two performances, I saw the judges grill him, and I saw him hand over his CD single, yes the one with the poster in his sexy pose. I had a funny feeling that the audition might have been fake, it was just too unbelievable, and especially with his friend filming his performances. Well there've been a few of such performances but Cliff stood out.

I guess someone should have told the judges though cos Gareth made it very public he was not impressed.
Tho and heres my question for this blog cos there might be something that I missed - but Gareth told Cliff that he'd play his single on his show "tomorrow" - and according to the articles now out he was gonna play it on 03 Sept - I don't get that cos these shows are recorded from like April/May. So why did he wait till the audition was shown on TV.

And lastly , I guess the indian population in SA were fairly afraid of this idols thing, or maybe too busy singing the "chutney numbers" at an aunts party to show up for the auditions. Well the good ones anyway.

Oh well it makes for good TV at last, now on the the top 10.....