Saturday, September 15, 2007

Roald Dahl Day

The anniversary of Roald Dahl's birthday was on 13 September, now known as Roald Dahl Day. even Google honored him by a reworking of its logo, adding in the golden ticketed Wonka Bar, the Giant Peach and Matilda.

Through my childhood years Roald Dahl has been one of my favorite authors and I hope many children for years to come get to experience his excellent works.
I personally can never quite decide on my favorite Dahl book, it difficult to choose between Charlie Bucket, Matilda, James Trotter or the BFG. Somehow though when I think Dahl I think Willy Wonka, so I guess Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite.

There are also a few good adult books like Henry Sugar, Boy and Going Solo. but he is best known for the way he captures the imagination of children.

It's sad that so few people read books these days, unless they're following the masses and buying the latest Harry Potter to use as a paper weight.

I sincerely hope more people return to reading the stories and novels put out there, the Chocolate Factory awaits.


aksn1p3r said...

I only read the two famous Chocolate Factory books and James & the Giant Peach. Roald Dahl was the first author I made myself borrow from the lib'z, LOL... I don't read any more.

Didn't u act in a play also?
My bro was Willy Wonka, and I won a R10 gift Checkers (chatsworth) voucher for answering the question, "What was the factory owner's name?" :) It was Read-a-thon Day @ Falcon Park Primary.... Hehehe!

Good memories.

Hamza Fareed said...

@Ak didn't we do BFG in primary school.

Google as usual did the doodle thing, did you know that they removed it later in the day instead of the usual 24 hour period. Allegations that Roald Dahl was anti-semitic and a Jewish holiday coinciding caused the pull out...thats the rumours anyway.

Lady said...

i love Roald Dahl's works.
i read charlie and the chocolate factory when i had my wisdoms removed!

The choc craving was so bad, i got me choc cereal!! lol

M Junaid said...

its no rumour hamza - he was hectically anti zionist ( the reason why he was never knighted)
yet they knight rushdie

my favourite has to be charlie and the chocolate factory - my friend and i used to be crude buggers and changd the cover on the school library version to willy wanka and the wanking factory

anarchy zindabaad!
i didnt enjoy james as much

saaleha. bamjee. said...

My Uncle Oswald and Kiss Kiss are in my list of favourites.

Ruby :) said...

i loved all of roadl dahl's books, and i think i read all of the them. My fav. one was Georges marvellous madicine, and Danny the champion of the world, and James and teh giant peach, and Matilda, and Henry sugar and esiotrot,and yeah, dont forget the twits!!! hehe,thanks, u just brought back some really cool memories!

!Joe! said...

esio trot
the twits
henry sugar
charlie and the chocolate factory
the bfg

i loved em. :)