Monday, June 4, 2007

ShowMessage("Hello World");

Well after much coercion from my brother, and that it's kinda dumb to have a blog with no posts, at last the debut blog is created.

The football season is over and Manchester Utd look like they’re set to buy a whole new team, the much awaited xbox is yet to arrive, and it’s a Monday so I find myself with a bit of time to say hello to the world of bloggers.

From what I’ve seen of the blogs out there the first post has been designed to allow the occasional visitor to drop in and say hello, just to let you know that you’re not completely wasting your time creating a blog, so I’m not gonna drop all my deep philosophical theories on the few people who do drop by to say hello .

I don't care if you lick windows, eat crayons, talk to trees or occasionally imagine that you're on fire or that your hair is chasing you or that the clouds are sending strange messages to you. You hang in there, you're frigging special.
Asta la wego.


Waseem said...

Nice title :D, only the geeks will get that though.

Fucksake you really worked this blog, it has to be the hottest blog I've seen.

Zahira said...

o my word you here wooohoooo
o and its looking hot and your bro is rite
welcome to the world ma boi ;)
and hey waseem we not all g33ks :P

Shiraz said...

Was - you think? I'm still trying to reduce the damn margins though

Zahira - thanks. Not all g33ks? So does that mean you get the title?

Shiraz said...

I meant you think only g33ks will get the header?

Zahira said...

lol i get the title and i not a g33k i think n i been trying to do the whole 3 columns from forever lol its such a pain when you want things a certain way hehehe I'm such a persistent fool i tell you ask your bro i think he got tired of me :P

Shiraz said...

Well I guess that disproves Waseems theory.

Well that 3 columns thing was a bit tricky to find - cos so many people still using old blogger - but it works. I mailed was the link to get it done - it's pretty simple really.

And I even managed to widen my page so it ooks a bit better now. :-)

KerBear said...

great blog!!

queen_Lestat said...

hello :)
yooooo looks like someone actually put some real effort into their blog template :P

Zahira said...

sweety you over stretched the site :(

Shiraz said...

KerBear and Queen_Lestat - thanks for the visit and the comments - much appreciated.

Zahira - my apologies, it's a resolution thing - I'm on 1280x1024 so it looks fine on mine. I have changed it. Thanks

Kronic_Paranoia said...

Love the title, great looking template man.. organise some of your resources, mail me the links.
Speaking of geeks: I went to do a fault and the guys name is John Luke, and the receptionist is like you mean Captain John Luke. She got pissed off when I just stood there giving her a WTF! look. My people skills suck. I even overheard her telling a friend he looked like he wanted to slap me when I said that. I just created a mini blog WOOHOO! Later

Shiraz said...

Weirdly enough this blog has turned from me saying hello to a blog about my blog.

Kronic - it's the normal Minima Black template from Blogger, I've just been configuring it to my taste. The HTML code is just standard XML with a few tasty addonns by blogger.
If you want a template someones already made though, you're prob gonna find mostly old blogger templates.

John Luke = Jean Luc, funny, ha ha ha - not!

Nadz said...

Great blog,when u look at it u kinda go "WoW",ok i went like that lol.

r said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
r said...

hey you =) dont u wanna give my blog an extreme makeover please? r sucks at that sorta stuff..

Zahira said...

heheh i know it looked okay on my comp at work then i come home and look at it and then ralise you over stretched it lol
i wish i could extreme makeover mine but i think too much work has started ruining my blogging life hehehe
or maybe i just enjoying the break
o wel dude hope to see you soon technically on the 16th but wel thats still plan dependent
*Zah feelings crazy and swamped and psycho for trying to organise braai on top of all her work*
bleh :P

Shiraz said...

Nadz and R - welcome and thank you.
Lol - R, Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition - I wonder if the series channel would buy that.

Zahira - Too much work - is there any other kind.

qdee said... the colours!

Zahira said...

bloody wrk and pple have interferd with the said plans for the 16th sorry about that we will def rain check it for sure and sumbody SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

r said...

LoL @ zoe. im glad it got postponed. now i can make it next tym =p

shiraz, series channel might definitely consider it. i mean LOOK at your credentials! if your ├╝ber blog were a celeb, it would be chris evans, jess alba, angelina and jude law all in one ;)

Ruby :) said...

okay, seems as though i missed the bus to your blog ... but its awesome, welcome to blogland...

Shiraz said...

Thanks qdee and ruby for the visit and the compliment.

A new post is forthcoming I promise - just as soon as Unisa decide to get off my back and quit it with all these assignments already.