Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When nostalgia hits

The arrival of a large cap to my bandwidth limit (Please Telkom it’s still not enough) has allowed to me to revisit some of the old series from my childhood. Being brought up in a television generation, in spite of the many ‘when we were younger we used to roll tyres down the street’ speeches, there are many such series. The Gummi Bears, Grammi, Gruffy, Tummi, Sunni, Cubbi and Zummi are characters that should be introduced to a whole new generation of followers. The little blue smurfs who somehow managed to produce kids with only one smurfette was quite the entertainer. The Thundercats were the 90’s answer to spiderman though somehow I fail to see how I ever watched that show. Beware people watching Thundercats now will leave you bewildered and have you breaking your Lion-O swords in shame.

This however lead me to wonder which of the series I watched as an impressionable young boy would still be relevant in 2008, and would have the kids of the 21st century switching off their X-Boxes for a good dose of child entertainment. My 5 in no particular order are :

1. - Pumpkin Patch – Many (that talking donkey, and the scary purple dinosaur) have tried to claim the throne but none have close to the infinite wisdom of Uncle Bill, Woofles, Speckles, Freckles and that blonde lady. Pumpkin Patch wo o o pumpkin patch – sing along you know you wanna

2. - Gummi Bears – Gummi Berry juice was all the rave and I’m positive the kids now would be bouncing off the walls with this one. No I’m not gonna sing again.

3. - X-Men the series – The only reason I’d wake up early on a Saturday. Do I really have to explain what the X-men are?

3. - Bravestarr – Speed of the puma, eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear, nuff said. Oh and a horse with a big gun. Can’t quite remember the name of the little dwarf deputy thing.

5. - Darkwing Duck – It was the other Duck show. He was a duck. He was a crimefighter. He wore purple. He was brave…


Hamza Fareed said...

eh dude what increase in limit? unlimited trials ended a month ago...ffs I hope I didnt miss a month
heh yeah thundercats I had the bike and sword which I rolled down our driveway not tires, me on it. I was a dumbfuck.
Bravestar hell yeah whicktish (xfx)
what about Reboot that show was awesome Turtles man Turtles
Ragoobi? Spiderman was in our time similcast was a bitch trying to get a clear signal, I remember times I just gave up and watched it in zulu
I do regret one show though Power Rangers I can't believe I used to kick it home after madressa to watch that shit
just say no to long comments...welcome back

Waseem said...

What was that horses name in Bravestar?

What about Kideo, smurfs and gargoyles?

Sabre rider and the Star sheriff, the star.

Hamza used to have simulcast TV, what a playa?

Shiraz said...

Hamza -Well increase in limit since last year.
Reboot rocked. I thought about Raboobi - but he's timeless

Was - Bravestars trusty steed was 30-30 - guess 50-50 just wasn't a good enough name. Kideo - hmmmm Pumpkin Patch was way better than Mr Chinwag. Smurfs had the honourable mention.
Yeah gargoyles should be on here but it was fairly short lived.

quraisha said...

aww..darkwing duck was so cool! an di loved gummi bears..but that whole thundercats thing scared me...you can never be a fan of heidi and thundercats at the same time i think ;)
Turtles was awesome tho..i had a turtle mask thing in my brown school bag lol

qdee said...

who's this Quraisha chick? she weird.

Shiraz said...

quraisha - heidi just never had any cool toys... There was just something abt having your very own sword of omens with the eye of thundara. Gummi bears is eternal however.
Qdee - she's not weird. I think she's from an exotic country somewhere... Spain or something.

The Organ Harvester said...

well i suppose it's a little late to mention afrikaans cartoons. like brakanjan, which was a canine version of the three musketeers. and there was vicky the viking, and he man. maybe that was little before your time. afrikaans childrens programmes rock. like liewe heksie, and wielie walie with magda and sarel seemonster.

how old am i?