Saturday, March 22, 2008

And so it has come to pass...

And so the time has come to return to the blog. It was looking lonely and desolate and I've noticed there are a few friends who stop by to say hello. Sadly even I haven't done as much over the last few months.

In the last few months so much has changed, the petrol price has soared, JZ has been made ANC head, and we all talk about loadshedding as if its an acceptable measure. It's weird how my cellphone just seems to know that it should go 'low battery' during my loadshedded hours. I walked pass a salon last week that had load shedding going on but there was some guy in there having a haircut - whoever you are - you've got Maksi for letting that lady cut your hair by candle light.

The company I work at recently had it's own version of the loadshedding phenomenon, when a construction worker managed to hit the main electricity line with a pickaxe. For you guys not in the know of all things electrical - It's dangerous to strike into a cable running a few thousand volts with a sharp metal object. and 5minutes after doing it the guy continued working, never really comprehending just how close to a hospital visit he had come.

So it's here I place my friendly service warning to all - Metal + Power + Human = Very Bad Day.

So I take this occasion on my return to blogger to say 'Hello World' again. This time I hope to stay for the tea and biscuits....